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Chaney Law Firm would be honored to assist you as you add your new family member through an adoption or guardianship. Good legal advice is key, and we pride ourselves in being experienced client-centered attorneys. 

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Adoption is a joyful and wonderful event! It is important to choose an adoption lawyer who is familiar with the adoption process. As your adoption attorney, my goal is to educate you through the entire process with an overview of what to expect when expanding your family.


Guardianship will allow you to step in and act in the full capacity of parents to protect the child's interest. I can provide you with individual care and services tailored to meet your needs. 

“When I take on new clients, I am not just starting a new adoption but building a long-term relationship with your family.  Each and every one of my clients hold a special place in my heart.  I am honored when a family entrusts me to handle the legal work while we build their family through adoption.”

 - Denielle Williams Chaney

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Chaney Law Firm is dedicated to providing personalized legal services to clients in Edmond, Oklahoma.  Our team is committed to building strong, trusted relationships with our clients and providing expert legal guidance to help them achieve their goals.